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1971 Project Helios: Table for Cheat Engine v1.0.0.0 (GOG) {happyTugs}

enables DevMenu.
let me know if it enables for steam.

enable DevBuild
– start a new game will all equipment
– go-to any level in the story
– cheat (unlimited moves, godmode?, and other things)
– insta-kill enemies
– skip combat
– console (not sure how that's toggled)
– a lot more stuff i don't care to list

how to enable, one might ask?

1. go to main menu

2. tick 'enable DevBuild' in the table if dev menu appears, skip the below steps

3. load a game and exit

4. dev menu should appear above 'New Game'

for insta-kill, cheat, console, and whatnot,

load a save and go to settings.

*best to activate table on game startup*

Author: happyTugs

The source of information - 1971 Project Helios

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