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3000th Duel: The Wise Ones - Table for Cheat Engine v1.1.0 {ndck76}

Scripts & Editors
Easy Kills *Hotkey Included* {If you want to use this cheat, do not upgrade vitality/health. Max = 2 strikes}
1 Billion Karma *Hotkey Included* {Activate before using the upgrade statue. Max Level. = 199}
Hero Item *Hotkey Included*
Movement *Hotkey Included*
Jump *Hotkey Included*
Dash *Hotkey Included*
Sliding *Hotkey Included*
Level Up UI *Hotkey Included* {This is uneditable. I assume stats as well. You can only view this during the upgrade status. I recommend upgrading only the Strength to the max if you want to kill enemies easily}

- Do not activate these cheat when the game is loading or else it will crash.

Author: ndck76

The source of information - 3000th Duel: The Wise Ones

DOWNLOAD (5.9 Kb) 2021-Mar-28

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