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7 Days To Die: Table for Cheat Engine {PhCCRQQsd6Bi}

Alpha 19 (b163)
Health, Stamina, Water, Food, Core Temp
Fly Mode, God Mode, No Collision, Ignored By AI are 0=off 1=on
Damage Target Life can be frozen at 0 for one hit kills
Exp To Next Level, Exp Deficit, Level, Skill Points
Held ItemValue
** Don't freeze any, different items react in strange ways (crashes) **
Meta bullet count for ranged. other uses?
Quality 6=purple
SelectedAmmoTypeIndex 0=Norm 1=Hp 2=Ap
Seed I dunno
Ranged Infinite Durability
Infinite Durability
Ranged Ammo No Decrease (not launchers)
Trader 24/7 - doors stay unlocked and no teleport
No Buffs Added - no new buffs will be added
Buffs No Tick - active buffs wont fall off
Vehicle Infinite Fuel
Vehicle No Damage

Author: PhCCRQQsd6Bi

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