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80's OverDrive: Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76}


Career Mode
No Car Damage *Hotkey Included* (You need to damage/hit your car and then activate this cheat)
Infinite Fuel *Hotkey Included* (As you drive, the car consumes gas. Activate this cheat to have infinite fuel usage)
1 Billion Coins *Hotkey Included* (First, you need to buy the cheapest car and then activate this cheat. After that you need to buy nitro or radar for the cheat to take effect)
Infinite Nitros Option 1 *Hotkey Included* (You need to use 1 Nitro and then activate this cheat)
Infinite Nitros Option 2 *Hotkey Included* (If the above cheat is not working for you, try using this option)

Time Attack
Reset Clock to 0 *Hotkey Included* (This will reset the timer to 0)
Countdown Remains at 99 *Hotkey Included* (Countdown will be fixed at 99 Seconds. Deactivate it to resume the countdown)

Author: ndck76

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