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A Healer Only Lives Twice: Table for Cheat Engine {anon9}

A little basic table I made so that I am still working on code. Let me know if there are any issues, but otherwise I'm not going to work on this anymore. (I only made this since I'm not feeling well enough to work on anything that requires major concentration, but didn't want to be rusty after I recover).

Note: I believe the game uses something like Mono so I've added the information I found in case someone wants to convert the table over. Not going to do infinite HP since infinite HP is pointless if you have max def and exp.

Note: The without Mono? functions, the code will first need to be made by the game for the related script to work.

  • For most of these, this means entering battle.
  • For Torch on Gain, you need to gain a torch first.
  • For No PP Use, you need to use PP first.
  • No PP Use
  • No Mana Use
  • Max Exp Bonus on Change
  • Stop Torch Drain, 1 Torch on Use, 1 Torch on Gain
  • Max Atk
  • Max Def
  • Find Skill Points on Level Up
  • Fast Brave

Author: anon9

The source of information - A Healer Only Lives Twice

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