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A Legionary's Life: Table for Cheat Engine v1.2.7 GOG {Adjneki}

Hi, it is just a simple table without pointer (so it will NOT work for you as is, unless you do some counting and memory difference is fixed, just for ideas), i am lazy to be smarter to play with pointers v.1.2.7. GOG version.

Few tip thoughts for this game anyway:
You don't need to crawl anything at character creation, start game with default values, then you can look for changes (practise etc.).
0. Once you can boost the Awards amount, you will get tons of points for everything (aka. no further cheat is required). This meansy you can manually assign many points in the game, equip somewhat better gears and even assign points for cash.
1. Alike address ranges (same line suggests values shall be close to each other):
Morale, Virtue.
Awards (ususally quite far away from the aboves)
2. Warnings:
- Javelin skill: Don't use higher than 99, unless in battle, otherwise your throwing will fail (meant for the pick specific target etc. messages).
- Attributes: Don't go over ~1024, otherwise your hit will miss in battle.
- Awards: Don't assign too many rewards, otherwise you will get a negative hall of fame result - thus, you will not have points at all to assign upon next game start.
3. Bar values start at 0 value if you want to look for them (maybe Morale was an exception as i remember, but you can ruin that with Guard task). Days were around 30 (look for value between 20-40 or just see what will decrase by 1), so you can look for it and play with these values once you can reset days (EDIT note: Day bar will decrase even so you could find the correct days value, don't worry.). Days spot changed once i moved to another territory, same stands for battle turns.

Wish: Anti-Armor(1), Handiness(2), Reach... Weapon toggle. I guess these can ensure 1-hit kills, but i haven't figure out it yet.

Author: Adjneki

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