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A Plague Tale: Innocence - Table for Cheat Engine +5 {Cielos}


stealth mod
- when activated, by script default, enemies would still aware of your presence (noise/in sight/closeness), but won't escape/attack even if you bump into them.
- doesn't work on chase sequence. (may investigate later..?)
status can be changed from the 2 drop-down-list: "disable" / "in crouch" / "always"(default); and "semi"(default) / "full".
-- "in crouch", means stealth mod will be applied only when you're crouching. note the you'd exit stealth mod if when you're aiming, even if you're crouching.
-- "always", means stealth mod will always applied no matter what you're doing.
-- "semi", means the enemies would still aware of your presence, either from noise, sight, or too close; but they won't chase/escape even if you bump into them.
-- "full", means the enemies would ignore you completely.
- you can also press and hold the specified key to apply the stealth mod, which is independent of the status. i.e., this would override the status when the key is pressed.
key can be changed by choosing from the drop-down-list. default: X1 Mouse Button, can be changed by editing the script, line 3.
- tested on the first pig only. will be updated if needed.

ignore ammo
- you can slingshot/throw any "discovered" item regardless of the remaining quantity.
- quantity still drop until they reach zero. 

inf. torch
- torch would still be burnt out actually but the light won't goes.
- note that you will hold the torch indefinitely with this script, as the torch would only be thrown away once the light is gone. but, didn't know there is a key to drop the torch already, but as I made it already... so,
- you can press R to drop the torch.

ignore upgrade materials
- when activated, allows you to upgrade sling/equipment without any materials.
- required materials still decrease when you upgrade.

walk key
- when activated. press and hold the specified key to walk, which can be changed from the drop-down-list.
key default: CAPS LOCK key, can be changed by editing the script, line 4.

Author: Cielos

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