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Albion (1996 - DOS): Table for Cheat Engine {eien}

Table Options:
+ Invincible Party
+ Infinite Rations
+ Item Duplication
+ Gold Duplication

This table is for the v1.38 version (Jul 15 1996). It may fail if used in another version, so please let me know if this is the case.

- Invincible Party should work fine 100% of fights, but since it is based on memory addresses (as opposed to proper logic), it may eventually fail. Please let me know if this happens. EDIT: Played it for a while and there seems to be special attacks that do cause some damage to party members, but overall the bulk of damage is prevented by this cheat.

- Although Lord Blade asked me to get rid of the tiredness mechanics altogether, I settled for the second best solution which is to prevent rations from being consumed when you rest. Not ideal, but hey it is what I could manage with the time I could dedicate to it.

- Item duplication is done by taking said item and giving it back to the same character. - Gold duplication is done by taking gold and giving it to another party member.

Next steps: I don't think there's much more to do besides this table, marc's table, and the savegame editor. If you have more ideas for cheats, let me know though.

Requests: If you'd like me to take a look at another DOS oldie that hasn't been properly cheated yet, let me know. I make no promises on delivery (life is hectic), but I'll do my best. If you wanna buy me such game, I'd be even happier to take a look. I think I'll tackle Bundesliga Manager (1991) or Lost Dutchman Mine (1989) next.

Author: eien

The source of information - Albion

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