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Alex Wake: Table for Cheat Engine v1.06.17.0155 GOG {VampTY}

There's 12 options and all have hotkeys assigned :

F1 On/Off [Ammo] Throwables (99 Items)
F2 On/Off [Ammo] Weapons (99 Items)
F3 On/Off [Inventory] Batteries (99 Items)
F4 On/Off [Stamina] Control searchlight (Boost)
F5 On/Off [Stamina] Flashlight heavy-duty (Boost)
F6 On/Off [Stamina] Flashlight nightmare (Boost)
F7 On/Off [Stamina] Flashlight standard (Boost)
F8 On/Off [Stamina] Player health (Life)
F9 On/Off [Stamina] Player strength (Toughness)
F10 On/Off [Stamina] Sprint (Energy)
F11 On/Off [Stamina] Vehicle health (Endurance)
F12 On/Off [Stamina] Vehicle headlights (Boost)

- F1 has unlimited items, same as F2/F3
- F4 has unlimited use of light to boost
- when using F5/F6/F7 just make sure to disable the one you don't have, also that F6 option is at the end when you have a slightly different lantern
- F8 it's the hero's life
- F9 if you want to jump from high places, or get electrocuted, or get hit by a crane or buldozer (things that in game will hurt/kill you..but you instead won't die this time)
- F10 is for when you can run without the need to take a rest
- F11 is when the car you're driving won't take damage, only the hood will pop, so feel free to hit those trees or whatnot
- F12 and you have unlimited energy to boost your car headlights

Author: VampTY

The source of information - Alex Wake

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