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Alien: Isolation Collection [Prophet] - Table for Cheat Engine {VampTY}


[Numpad 1] Ammo/Fuel [Bolt gun/Flamethrower/Revolver/Shotgun/Stun baton] Reload Off
[Numpad 2] Ammo/Fuel [Bolt gun/Flamethrower/Revolver/Shotgun/Stun baton] Reload On
[Numpad 3] Items/Resources [EMP mine/Flare/Flashbang/Flashlight batteries/Medkit/Molotov/Noise maker/Pipe bomb/Scrap/Smoke bomb]
[Numpad 4] Player [Detection/Flashlight durability]

Numpad 1 - unlimited ammo/fuel for all weapons, you need to have only 1 in your inventory, no reload included.
Numpad 2 - only 1 needed in your inventory, works for all weapons, reload is added for all.
Numpad 3 - you need to have in your inventory only 1 from each, so either grab it/craft it/throw it/use it etc.
Numpad 4 - you won't be detected by alien/humans/androids and also that flaslight stamina [you need 1 battery to work] won't deplete.

Author: VampTY

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