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Alien Shooter 2 - The Legend: Table for Cheat Engine v1.0.2 {SunBeam}


  • God Mode
    Your HP will be frozen. That means no increase, no decrease, random refresh value between levels (will stay at 100 in level, at 80 in base). Don't ask me; point is you won't die. Note the script uses a hard-coded address from 1.0.2 (row 34). You want to change it for your 1.0.1 or cracked version; else crash.
  • 5.000.000 Money + Add 5.000 Rank Points (On Spend)
    Buy or sell a store item. You get 5 million $ and it stays like that. Disassemble an item in the Components pane, you'll see it adds 5K extra to the transaction.
  • Instant Reload + Fast Fire
    Fire a bullet, press R to reload. Your reload time is now 0 and fire rate set to 10. If you can't seem to manually reload (happened with a shotgun for me), just keep R pressed, then fire. You'll know you've done it right when your shotgun starts to fire like a machine gun  Oh, works on controllables as well: mounted turrets (fire 1 time, reload); road truck (fire 1 time, reload); big ass tank (fire 1 time, reload); etc.
  • No Recoil (+ Super Accuracy)
    Disables the advanced_character_shoot_RECOIL script being run (which gets your weapon, calculates stats, reads your aim and changes the XY position of your cross-hair as you fire, progressively, making it jump fast to the top of your screen). Yes, this one's hard-coded, so it most likely won't work in 1.0.1 or whatever. You have the code block in the comments inside the script, so pick some bytes and scan for them in your version, in CE.

    Note: it also skips spread calculation, thus you get super accuracy as well.

Author: SunBeam

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