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Alley Cat - Remeow! Edition (2017 - Windows) - Table for Cheat Engine {eien}

Table Options:
+ God Mode
+ Super Jump
+ Stop Cupid
+ Ignore Love Kittens
+ Stop Broom

I created this table by request of rampage1974 (Thanks for the info!). I had no idea this remake of the classic Alley Cat (1983) existed and it really blew me away. It adds 5 new stages to the 5 original ones, multiple nostalgia graphic modes (CGA, Atari 2600, HD), and the possibility of multiplayer mode. This is the type of remake every classic deserves: additive and modernizing, yet true to the original. I had a lot of fun creating the table and will have even more fun playing it alone and with others.

Next steps: I think that anything else that I can do to make the game easier would drain all the fun from it. But let me know if you have any ideas.

Requests: If you'd like me to take a look at another DOS oldie that hasn't been properly cheated yet, let me know. I make no promises on delivery (life is hectic), but I'll do my best. If you wanna buy me such said game, I'd be even happier to take a look. I will continue with Airborne Ranger (MicroProse 1987) next.

Author: eien

The source of information - Alley Cat: Remeow

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