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Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards - Table for Cheat Engine {PeaceBeUponYou}


  • Scripts:
    • Instant Level Up ;Gain XP to level Up
    • Teleport ;Save Coordinates and teleport back there. Numpad 4: Save | Numpad 6: Load
  • Pointers:
    • Invincible ;Flags player invincible
    • Instant Die [0:Yes] ;Grants player death with one hit
    • Current Health
    • Kill Damage Multiplier ;Base Damage of the weapon is multiplied with this factor (one Way of OHK)
    • Stamina Consumption ;Flags if stamina is to be consumed
    • Ultra Speed ;Flags Super Speed
    • Stamina
    • Coordinate 1
    • Coordinate 2
    • Coordinate 3
    • Current Level
    • XP
    • Coins
    • Weapon Type Name
    • Weapon ID Name
    • Current Weapon's Damage ;Damage of current weapon (another way of OHK)
    • Player Visibility Ratio ;Effects player's physical appearance
    • Player Shadow Ratio ;Effects player's physical appearance
    • Direction When Moving ;Effects player's physical appearance
    • Player Tilt Ratio ;Effects player's physical appearance
    • Game Over ;Flags instant fail.
    • Defense Visual 1 ;Displayed Defense value in player chart, factor 1
    • Defense Visual 2 ;;Displayed Defense value in player chart, factor 1

Author: PeaceBeUponYou

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