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Alwa's Legacy: Table for Cheat Engine {Cielos]

- health still drop but you won't die.

no instant death
- instant death trap won't instant kill you.

ignore mana
- allows you to cast spells always, ignoring the remaining mana you have.
- mana still drop when you cast spells.

ignore blue orbs
- allows you to upgrade your spells at will, ignoring the remaining blue orbs you have.
- blue orbs quantity would still drop and becomes a negative numbers so that you can keep track and won't empower Zoe too much too early.

warp mod
- allows you to warp to all save points, including the ones you haven't activated with Tears yet, and the ones you haven't even visited yet.
- hold CapsLock key (default) when accessing a save point would allows you to choose the "Use Warp" option even if you haven't dropped a Tear on it yet. access the same save point without holding the CapsLock key would allows you to choose the "Drop Tear" option again.
- activated warp points won't be saved to the game, you can still activate them normally.

inf. air
- air bubble won't decrease at all when underwater.

- activate [movement scripts] first.
- when activated, hold spacebar to hover, WASD to fly around.

- activate [movement scripts] first.
- when activated, hold alt key enter no-clip, release alt key to exit.
- during no-clip, use WASD move around.
- if it seems a wall is blocking your way, first make sure you're not standing on the ground, then no-clip away from the wall and try again.

Author: Cielos

The source of information - Alwa's Legacy

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