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Asgard's Wrath Oculus VR: Table for Cheat Engine {nyswiftiewiththehats}

A simple table, could be better. Might add something for coin toss and axe throw since there's a timer for those. Number of coins and axes are pretty simple 4 byte searches. Anyone having trouble with Euler's Bow, speedhack it slower.

Game Name: Asgard's Wrath
Game Engine: Unreal
Game Version: 1.3
Options: There's a trainer out there somewhere already. I just wanted to max Inventory Slot 1 which I haven't seen around. Set to 99 or something, freeze, swap items in and out of slot 1, get MAX number. For example, 99 Level Handles (don't need that many), 10 Skofnung Stone for Ingrid, 99 Midgard Keys, 99 God Rune (lolol wut?), etc. Yggdrasil's Seeds are pretty easy to find with 2 or more. If you need Hacksilver, just sell the most expensive gems.

Author: nyswiftiewiththehats

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