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Asphalt 8: Airborne - Table for Cheat Engine 4.2.1a - 28 Hacks {HarenguN}


• The new AI mode makes the car drive on it's own. Once you enable this the perfect nitro doesn't work. After a reboot of the game perfect nitro cheat works fine. (DO NOT USE IT FOR ANY ONLINE RACE). (Might be Possible for R&D and Championships but it's not tested yet.But it's a useless cheat for those events and I don't recommend using it. It's only for fun!).
• The new speed limiter hack by vjvoxz allows any car to reach speeds between 500-600 Kmph(Depends on the car's acceleration upgrade.This option is tested and is very useful in R&D/Championships events because it will help you to win the car at a very low rank.(DO NOT USE IT IN ANY ONLINE RACE!!!!!!).(DO NOT ACTIVATE UNLIMITED SPEED AND SPEED LIMIT TOGETHER BECAUSE THE GAME WILL CRASH!)
• There are three booster options. First option will give you ONE(ONLY ONE) FREE booster when you BUY ONE for credits. Then you can activate as many times as you want by using Freeze Free boosters option. Third option will clear the remaining booster activated time. DO NOT HAVE IMPOSSIBLE BOOSTER TIMES ACTIVATED (496972 days). Clear that time immediately. (ALSO ACTIVATE OFFLINE!!!!!!!).
• Do not use TRY ALL CARS in TLE (Time Limited Events) or in Multiplayer or in anything else! You can use TRY ALL CARS *only in CAREER MODE!
*only means - not only in CAREER mode BUT YOU NEED TO KNOW which cars at the moment are HIDDEN and which cars are not hidden - you can't use HIDDEN cars in TLE or in MP or in any other events because GAMELOFT server knows exactly in which level you are and what cars are hidden for you.
• Don't buy TOKEN VEHICLES with Money Mode and then don't use them in TLE or in MP or in any other events - because GAMELOFT server knows exactly which cars you have at the moment and if you use HACKED car in any ON-LINE event, you will be in CB (CheaterBoard) and then BANNED!
• THE ONLY WAY to use TOKEN VEHICLES in MP or in TLE or in any On-Line event is to BUY THEM WITH TOKENS LEGALLY!!!!!
• Do not use UNLIMITED SPEED, UNLIMITED NITRO, NO CRASH in any On-Line event because GAMELOFT SERVER will automatically find it and you will be in CB and then Banned!
• In any ON-LINE event you can use NITRO RATIO (65% is the safest value (10.4 in FLOAT), SAFE CRASH, PERFECT NITRO all ALL VEHICLES NEARBY STOP - for this, you won't be banned.
• Do not use SET TIME hack to 00:00:00 in any map because they will ban you! GAMELOFT SERVER knows exactly what is the LEGAL TIME on every map! So the best way to use it is to check the LEADERBOARD from the 1 and 50 place and then make a little better time than - for example from 25 person on the leadearboard to be on 20 position for example - but YOU NEED TO HAVE LEGAL TIME!!!!!!!! (legal time means the time that you will normal end race or event without hacks activated) so if persons at 1 to 50 places has 00:00:03 time for example - DO NOT USE IT!!! SET ONLY LEGAL AND POSSIBLE TIMES!!! Do not set IMPOSSIBLE TIMES!! NEVER!!!

Author: HarenguN

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Que tal um SPEED LIMITER (set 500 & 600 Kmph), ou até ¨(600 Kmph)!? - PLEASE! - É que esse não passa dos quinhentos e não dá para ganhar carros que a velocidade ultrapassa os (500). ESSE SÓ VAI ATÉ QUINHENTOS. POR FAVOR! PLEASE...