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Asphalt 8: Airborne - Table for Cheat Engine 4.5.0 {AndChem}

Hi Friends, here is cheat table for "Asphalt 8: Airborne (Ver.4.3.0)". Here are 45 Hacks.
Do not hack too much otherwise your account will get banned, do not troll or cheat with other player.
If any of these hacks do not work, you can contact me.
Please RATE me. This will help me to gain more confidence.

Rules regarding how to use hacks and Avoiding Ban

1.If you are new, you should download Cheat Engine software before using these cheats.
2.You can use credits hack by Activating hack and setting credits value. Please remember, credit value has been set to its maximum value. After activating this hack, all bought vehicles will unbought then set credit value and buy any vehicle except dodge dart GT. After hack is deactivated you will be able to use vehicles you have. You can use unlimited mastery reward after activating credit hack, but do not try this hack from vehicle upgrade session.
3.You can use "Free Buy Credit Vehicles" to buy Credit Booster or Any Credit Car, but this hack does not work on upgrade. You can buy Credit Decal also.
4.If you want to make your vehicle fly, use Fly Mode. Use this hack when your vehicle is running to gain maximum speed in air. You can do even more with Adjustable Height session by putting height value, bigger value=more height. Value between 2-10 is perfect but you can try more if you want. Activate Wall Hack if necessary.
5.'Perfect No Crash + Knockdowns' is sometimes very annoying, do not use this in MP or other online event, you can use this hack for fun.
6.you can get Boxes and Tokens from mastery by 'Unlimited Mastery Rewards'. You can get Boxes, License or Token Reward for one Time only, but remember do not gain too much Tokens or Boxes otherwise you will get banned.
7.New 'Nitro Time Hack' is added, you can use any of these but recommended is between 10-50% More Time.
8.By Setting Speed value you can gain as speed you want, to do this just divide speed value by 1.42. Suppose you want 1000 KM/H then you should divide 1000 by 1.42 that is 704 in float.
9."Normal AI+New Camera view" is good combination if you want to take good screenshot.
10.Do not use Career Finish in R&D, but you can use this to complete festival event.
11.Use Blueprint to Token hack to buy blueprint vehicle with token, but do not buy them with credit.
12. Using Easy Event in R&D might ban you, only use this in few races of R&D.
13.MAX-PRO upgrade hack is temporary.
14.To unbuy any Credit car, go to upgrade session of that car and activate Unbuy Any Credit Vehicle for a second, after this vehicle will unbought. Do not use this hack if vehicle is upgraded.
15.Do not Try All Vehicles in any online event, this will led to you ban but you can use this hack in career and mastery.
16.Do not buy Hidden vehicle like 9FF etc.
17.MAX-PRO upgrade is only for Mastery and Career, do not use this hack in Online event.
18.Do not buy Cars too early, you will get banned.
19.Do not buy token vehicle with credits, but if you bought do not use that in MP or TLE.
20.Do not use speed hack or unlimited Nitro in MP or TLE.
21.You must set a time that is Valid for a track for any specific vehicle. For example Mercedes Benz SLK SE takes about 1 minute and 24 seconds to complete Tokyo Reverse if driven by good driver. Setting time below this is invalid so you must set a valid time. For this you can see top 100 players time and set time between 20-90 positioned persons time.
22.If you have any problem in setting time, first convert your time in second and multiply your second time with 1000 and add sub second. e.g. you want to set time is 1:23.123 (I minute, 23 second, 123 sub second). 1 minute= 60 second then add 23 second so you have 93 seconds. multiply 93 by 1000 and add 123 sub second to this, so now you have total 93123 sub seconds, and this is time you have to set. This is a float value.

Author: AndChem

The source of information - Asphalt 8: Airborne

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how i get a tokens. how many after banned
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I want some tokens, how to do it without a ban
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How to avoid the ban before the hack
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òtimo! tudo que eu queria. So faltou a compla rápida. Mas tá ótimo. Please... Fast Buy vehicle
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not working on asphalt 8 4.3.0k
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