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Assassin's Creed 2 Deluxe Edition: Table for Cheat Engine {Paul44}

Added 2 tables:
- AC2_Teleport_v1.6.CT: allows you to teleport (and hover) to specific/predefined locations
- AC2_Varia_v3.CT: allows you to edit Inventory Supplies, reset Notoriety and enable "God mode".

I have also added my initial Varia table, as I used this as basis to build the final version. It includes a short explanation on how I got there eventually... (this is a new approach for me as well)

- for some strange reason, I'm unable to find the map marker coordinates?! If somebody knows how to get them, let me know...
- do experiment a bit with the Teleport(er); it takes a bit of practise to get the hang of it...
- since I finished the game for some time now, I did do extensive testing but obviously things can still get messy. So make a game backup regularly. Also, if you want to report something, please pm me; as I will not follow up this thread for a long time...
- if you hover/ascend to high(er) altitudes, the camera position does not seem to follow at some point. Might look into this... or not.
- if you are using the Steam vs and the table does not work for you, pm me.

Added 'Stealth' option (not quite what I had in mind, but it does the job...)

Updated Teleport table {v2}: more stable (no more conflicts with other npcs) and coordinates are now collected almost instantly.
(I have performed about an hour of testing ~ if you do come across issues, pm me)

- EDIT 3 - (reupload v5.3)
* Player Status:
- Health
- Godmode
- Invisible
- Notoriety

* Inventory Supplies

* Teleport & Coordinates...

-EDIT 4-
Reuploading v5.2, as it seems to work "ok" with Standard Edtiion (recent - 2020/04 - Free Uplay release)


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