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Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered - Table for Cheat Engine {Paul44}

I simply "copied" my AC 3 cheats to this new table. I have been testing the table this week 3-4 times, while jumping between Main and the 3 DLCs (with all cheat scripts constantly enabled); just replaying a few missions. That said: I am NOT playing the game, nor will I anytime soon (way too much work at hand at the moment). I have been using a few saves (I got my hands on), and did have to start the 3 respec DLCs myself.
Still: if you encounter issues, please try to reproduce AND mention which cheat is giving problems...

* Player Status (incl God mode & Invisibility)
* Inventory Supplies
* Ship Status
* Assassin Recruit Status (research retrieved from one of the old CE tables)
* Challenges (an exercise I did for BF a week ago, or so)
* Teleport & Coordinates

A Readme-file is included: read this first and/or scripts for more details.

I think I've found the solution why some players can not activate some of the scripts. Actually: posted a topic on CE forum, and got proper directions back on how to tackle this problem. Also, special thx to #matthew for his time - and espec patience - on trying out my suggestions.
This version now includes support for Steam. Note that - on my configuration - ONLY the Health Status failed; all other cheat scripts are working fine... So do report back if that is not the case on your end!

Now also works with the recent game update (v1.02) (only tested with Uplay exe though)
(I've also removed the "system choice")


Author: Paul44

The source of information - Assassin Creed III Remastered

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