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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - InventoryEditor v1.5.0 {IkilledKennyx99}

V4 of Editor is now out!

-Added the new Packs,
-Poseidon/Elite Athenian/Chyribdis&Skylla Naval Packs
-Kronos/Herald of Dusk bonus packs
-Athenian/Spartan Weapon Packs
-Totinos Pizza Roll Pack

:Single Items:
Drinker of Light
The Greek Hello
Olympian Torch
Swift Slayer
Hammer of Horns
Vine Bow
Black Unicorn

-Added Styles A and B of :
Ancient Kings Set
Ares Set
Assassins Set
-Added all Crew Themes (Non Store/Club as they are in packs already!
-Added all FigureHeads (same as above
-Added all Ship Styles/Sails (Same as Above)

-Added in styles A and B for:
Brawlers Set
Champions Set
Conquerors Set
Hunters Set
-Added in all of Phobos NON Store/Club Skins!
-Moved some things around to neaten it up a bit. put all the single Ship customizations under Single Items ticker also put in the Single Legendary tab and Phobos Skins in there too
-Moved the Black Unicorn Skin to Phobos Skin Ticker

-Added in Melaina Skin for Phobos! I thought I got all the skins!
-Fixed the Dropdown stuff for my added scripts! so they no longer stay open and clutter everything! check the box to make them drop uncheck to make them to close!

-Moved the Store/Club Packs to their own Ticker
-Added all Lieutenants with Warning that adding them may crash your game during parts of the main questline if u got them through editor and are on the quest to get them in main quest! (Minus Store as those are in pack)
-Added Following Armor Sets to Lootable Armor Packs!
Mercenary Set Style A
Mercenary Set Style B
Mercenary Set Style C
Mercenary Set (Hooded) Style A
Mercenary Set (Hooded) Style B
Persian Warrior Set Style A
Persian Warrior Set Style B

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