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Assassin's Creed: Syndicate: Table for Cheat Engine {Paul44}

Feature set:
* Player Status: health, god mode (w/ full health restore), invisibility
Note: Godmode handles also falling from great heights now ! (no remaining 'near death' status)
* Inventory Supplies: you can edit everything (only change items applicable to current protagonist)
* Teleport & Coordinates... (improved procedure... icons can still be a pain though) ~ also only routine that occassionally hangs/crashes game...
Note: I have introduced a 'drop from great height' option. The default is still set to "my way of teleporting": basically drop from minimum height to avoid 'collisions/etc'. The other setting will apply the height that comes from your selected waypoint marker... (with a bigger chance of 'collision/fall through surface/andwhatnot/...'
* Free Roam (definitely read Readme)
* Tools - Build Icon List... (builds a list of "system" icons, but use it primarily to get easy access to ViewPoints)
* Tools - Show Icons... (builds a list of all "inventory" icons (chests, etc) + have them shown on the map permanently)
ps: not really needed in this game, as you can buy the proper maps (but took little time to adapt to this title)

Author: Paul44

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