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Assassin's Creed Unity: gear unlocker {translu}

Game version: 1.5 (might work on others)

0) Make a backup of your save
1) In game, go in pause menu
2) Activate "INIT" in the cheat table
3) Activate the items you want to unlock
4) In game, go in the gear menu and buy the unlocked items for 1$

- do not deactivate Init if you want permanent unlock
- if 1stlvlength value in the table is too high (> 350) it might crash, contact me
- for permanent unlocking of Uplay rewards, you need to play offline, try replaying a memory in the menu to make it save

V7: fix for compatibility
V6 :
- added AOB for better compatibility

V5 update:
- Uplay pre order bonus (saber of honour, armorsplitter, war axe...)

V4 update:
- only one "Init" to activate
- fixed crash when entering or leaving a mission
- now all the items you activate should be priced 1$
- added fleur de lys and classic guillotine gun

Author: translu

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