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So I've updated the table (the fixed version by machine4578) with the few things that were missing:

Found in the CHARACTER section
- Altair + Ezio Outfits
- Bayek + Basim Outfits

Found in the PROPERTY section
- Jackdaw + Adrestia cosmetics (thank you BadQualityFrog)

Found in the PACKS section
- Mōdraniht Pack
- Taranis Pack
- Mystical Pack
- Knight ISU Pack
- Modern Day Pack
- Knight of the Round Table Pack
Added all Armor and Weapons from Base game and Wrath of the Druids. They are properly labeled and are at the top of the +Bulk GetItem before any of the HELIX Store stuff. I know this is all available in-game but some people are lazy to go hunt all items down or just want to dual wield their favorite weapon. This was made for them in mind.

In the Utilities section I've added 3 new things: Small, Medium and Large Packs for Battle Energy and Mastery Energy. For those of you who wish to purchase the Mastery Challenge rewards from Hildiran's Wares without having to actually do the challenges.

(in b4 Ubi decides this is a good idea and adds it as a time saver on their store because they are greedy cunts)

Edited all Packs to change order of items given. No actual content change from the last table here except that things are now sorted in such a way that it looks more ordered when put in your inventory. This is purely for OCD people like me who need the Collectibles tab in the inventory to look neat and tidy. I spent way too much time on this and I hate myself (and my neuroses) for it 

Finally, I've updated the ALL IN ONE HELIX PACK so now everything from PACKS down to UPLAY is included for those who just want to hit one button and get everything at once.

Author: Kriztalix

The source of information - Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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