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Assault Android Cactus: Table for Cheat Engine {Garrett Dark}

Just adding my cheat table here for this game. Above cheat table worked for me, but it has the same name as the older one in the older post for this game that didn't work for me, I did not realize it was updated here so I made my own cheat table before I tried the above one.

- Fast Primary Weapon Leveling
Levels up your primary weapon really quick when picking up those enemy drops that gives you score things. Also maintains max level up.

- show HP
Enable to see your HP, set to whatever you want and/or freeze. Default is 5, can be set way above that.

- show Battery Level
Enable to see battery level, set/freeze to whatever you want. Full bar is 100, can be set way above that.

- show Secondary Weapon Charge
Enable to see your secondary weapon charge, set/freeze to whatever. Default is 10, can be set way above that.

- show Score+ (Enable after you have some)
You have to pick up some enemy drops to get some score first before this can be enabled, once enabled on map changes you have pickup an enemy drop for it to update by itself. This script also shows Kill Count, Combo Chain Count, Combo Chain Timer (time until you lose the chain), Combo Chain High (highest chain on the level so far), and Total Amount of Combos for the level.

Redundant Backup Scripts
These are just additional scripts for the above things, thus redundant. Enable to see them. They work on different codes in the game than above, so they can be used at the same time if desired. Mainly they're a backup in case the above scripts fail to work.

+ Set HP to 999 on Damage Taken
Every time you take damage, it sets your HP to 999

+ No HP Damage Taken (Works but PC Portrait Not Displayed)
Ignores damage taken, but the picture of your character at the top of the HUD gets glitchy looking for some reason. Seemly no other negative effects than this.

+ Set Battery to 100% Constantly
Every time it supposed to drain a little as time passes, battery gets set to 100 instead.

+ No Battery Drain
Ignores Battery drain by time.

+ No Secondary Cooldown (Works but PC Portrait Glitched)
Ignores your secondary weapon using it's charge up, but character picture in HUD gets glitchy looking.

Author: Shinkansen

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