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Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Table for Cheat Engine v2.01 {zachillios}

So as per request, this is the current work completed on the game. Most of the game's values are completely static, rendering a lot of pointer scanning useless. However, this also means the table will have to be completely redone during every patch, so just bear that in mind. This is currently working on Version 1.0. Huge thanks gvargas and stuffy for helping, and for everyone else in the request section who helped with research.
The bolded update is the latest version.

Update 1: Table updated with Firis and Mathias exp. Also added everyone's Current/Max HP and MP values. Will add more as I get more characters.

Update 2: Added Stuffy's item scripts, also added Alt's stats.

Update 3: Character battle stats added.

Update 4: Added Sophie stats and pointers, fixed battle pointers, added character model mods, and incorporated Valatros item modifier.

Update 5: Added the rest of the battle pointers for all the characters. Also added a one hit kill Boss/Boss has no turns options. For now you have to start the battle and then select the on options from the drop down menu. May be buggy, and REMEMBER only works on bosses and single enemy fights. I also added Valatros' synthesis scripts in, but please read the warning in the Table Extras, I can't stress this enough. I also added some Anima pointers into the testing section of the table. Reason being the anima values are highly odd and even after pointer scanning them, they don't stay in the same spot. One of them should work for you, be sure to edit them outside of battle.

Update 6: Added a highlighted target's health option to replace the one hit ko on boss option, as it wasn't working correctly and this works on every target, including your party so be careful. Cleaned the table a lot, added total days passed to potentially help with the one timed section, also added an unlock all recipe hints option but please read the table extra warning on it. You make this feature work by selecting the on value for all 3 addresses. I've also moved the Anima pointer out of testing as it's working as intended, just edit your total out of battle. Also added the extremely handy highlighted item editor, be careful when adding traits/effects you don't have though, because if you go into your encyclopedia and look at them, the game can crash. So save just in case.

Update 7: Re added the target can't perform any actions feature, you'll find it as Highlighted Target's MP. Click the drop down to start it. Be VERY careful though. If you're not highlighting the enemy and say have one of your characters highlighted, they won't be able to perform for the rest of the fight. Also, some people did a ton of work behind the scenes, namely friendship addresses (select the drop down for both values and select max if you want to max them) and fixes to the infinite item scripts. Let us know if there's any problems on that front. Note that this is the last update, at least on my end until the next patch comes out, which is next Tuesday.

Update 8: Table fully updated with all new dlc traits, effects, and item ids. Also added total test evaluation points. The max is enabled through a drop down option.


Author: zachillios

The source of information - Atelier Lydie & Suelle

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