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Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland DX - Table for Cheat Engine {anon9}

I am a bit late, but want to test this table? It is using Zachillios's table as a base (since there is no point of me making a completely separate table that isn't much different). I might have a few test values scattered into the table so either delete or don't touch those.

(I won't be making any event unlock cheats because I really do not want to mess with this game's event handling, but aside from being in the right place, most events trigger based on:
Adventurer Levels (Character and Totori) (in table)
Alchemy Levels (in table)
Adventurer Rank (partially in table)
Friendship (in table)
Col (in table)
Time since previous event for that character (not in table)
Time based events unlock by time progression (partially in table)).

No special bar cheat yet as I haven't unlocked specials yet.

This is probably one of the less fun Atelier games, unfortunately, especially after playing later series where they've added a lot of QoL. (No log, RE1 tier restricted camera angles, extra difficult to get certain low priority endings, etc.)

Updated table again:
v1.0 Modified Zachillios's table to include Sterk and DLC characters (not tested). Added Friendship and Levels and stats to addresses. Added scripts for inf HP, inf MP, inf LP (travel), and no time bar drain.
v1.1 Now includes several assist gauge functions and a function to slow durability drop. (Assist Gauge is not fully tested)

Author: anon9

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