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Atomicrops: Table for Cheat Engine {anon9}

Atomicrops Steam version 1.4.1f1 (Feline Good Update is the last major update)

  • Find Last triggered purchase funds* (Open Cat Trader for Corn, otherwise attempt to buy for rose/cashews/etc.)
  • Find current time (daytime only). You can set it to something like 155,165, etc. to make night fall immediately depending on what buffs you have.
  • Find Fight Stat/Farm Stat (open map menu)
  • AOB: Fast Energizer (instantly hit 8 combo - I set it at 8, but may need to go lower or higher depending on buffs). This may freeze all ground units.
  • 99 of plantables in inventory (will not affect plantables not in inventory).
  • No Fertilizer use (still need to find)
  • No Pickaxe use (still need to find one)
  • No Energized duration loss (Will still be removed at the end of day)
  • AOB: No HP/Water/Tractor Unit/Animal held item loss. This may freeze all ground units.

Notes: It is likely that only one or two of the
find Purchase Funds scripts will activate.

Some of these scripts are AOBs and will require you to first trigger the code before you can activate them. Unless someone can tell me how to find a mono address with characters such as ' or ` in the name. Or find a second set of the same mono address.

The Fast Energizer or No HP Loss scripts may cause farm animals and ground enemies to become stuck. (Flying/Floating enemies will still act normally). This will make many things stuck (HP, water, tractors, chicken fertilizer and seed storages, etc.)

Note: infinite tractors can have strange effects, such as the carrot tractor invincibility being heavily extended.

No buff editor. Not worth it to figure out what each buff is, though I may work on dandelion's buff.

Author: anon9

The source of information - Atomicrops

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