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Attack on Titan 2: Table for Cheat Engine {celerity}

These are some other bits and pieces in case anyone wants to try them out. Only very briefly tested, mainly with AOT2_JP (Steam). (JP/AS/EU)
In BattleSustain Base Durability
Practically makes bases invincible. Bomb bases will still go off.
Base Building w/o Signal Guns
You can build bases even if you don't have enough signal guns. You will still use up your stock if you have any.
Showdown w/o Equipment
You can enter Showdown Equipment Mode without any... equipment. You will still use up your equipment if you have any.EXPERIMENTAL: Use at your own risk.
Buddy Action Type Selector
Changes all buddy actions to the selected type. Default type is Charge Attack. Actions seem to be weapon-specific, meaning gun-wielders won't be able to use blade-type buddy actions (and vice versa). Titan related buddy actions are omitted because they only work with their corresponding characters. (FYI: they're 4~8 for the original ones and 16 for Armin)
No Message Delay
In-battle messages will be displayed without any delay. They will still be recorded in Mission > Battle history section.
Equipment Related: Scripts below kick in when you equip your gears (e.g. starting the battle, changing your equipment at a base), so make sure you have everything set before that.
Equipment Modifiers (Blades & Firearms)
These alter the base values of your current equipment. Blade length and max blades are intentionally left out so don't tell me they're not there. Bigger values don't necessarily mean better performance, so alter the modifier values to your preference. Read the in-game hints if you don't know what they mean. You might want to edit the default values of the script itself rather than change them every time you use the script. Or if you'd rather use fixed values instead of multipliers. (All modifiers are multipliers, except for Anchor Range which are fixed value replacements)
All (Applicable) Special Effects (Blades & Firearms)
Personally not really a fan of that auto-capture effect, so I don't use the blades one. But even if you only have the firearms script on and are equipped with firearms, using a cooperative buddy action will sometimes trigger blade-type effects (e.g. burning body parts, auto-capture, deadly blow etc.)Just for the sake of fun:
In-Battle Comments Random Friendliness
When commenting about the protagonist, characters will speak randomly rather than according to their friendship ranks. I made this because I got tired of them saying the same thing over and over again, and also wanted to hear those higher rank comments from the new characters.Out of BattleIgnore Money/Material Shortages
This script lets you buy/upgrade your gear even if you don't have enough money/material. You will still use up your money/material if you have any.
New Equipment Maximized
When you make a new equipment, they will be in their maximized state of reinforcement (99★)
Keep Friendliness
This script will prevent the game from resetting the friendship gauge to your current rank cap after a battle. Works for both Story Mode & Inferno Mode.
Ignore Friendship Rank Barrier
This script lets you advance your friendship rank from 3 to 4 before you progress into the storyline. Works for both Story Mode & Inferno Mode.EXPERIMENTAL: Use at your own risk.
Protagonist Color Changer
Changes the protagonist's hair/skin/eye color. I think they're in HSB format but I'm probably wrong since I know nothing about color models. Default values set to the first ones on each list. Color changes are NOT permanent, so you might want to edit the script itself to your preferred values.

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