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Attack on Titan 2: Table for Cheat Engine {celerity}

These are some other bits and pieces in case anyone wants to try them out. Only very briefly tested, mainly with AOT2_JP (Steam). (JP/AS/EU)

Infinite Showdown Gauge
Couldn't find this one anywhere so here it is.
Skill Points Related
Remove 999 Limit for Skill Points
Removes the 999 cap for Skill Points. So if your PC has 220 SP and you have 999 Golden Drops, the total will be 220+999=1219.
More Skill Points for Golden Drops
Gives you more skill points per that golden drop thingy you can collect in Territory Recovery Mode. Default Multiplier is set to 2, so if your PC has 0 SP and you have 999 GDs, the total will be 0+(999*2)=1998. Which is more than enough to equip all skills iirc. You must have the first script on as well for this to take full effect (obviously).

Experimental - Use at your own risk. Savefile backup recommended. I haven't fully tested these, so there's always a possibility of breaking your game, your savefile, your gameplay experience, your sanity, or all of them at once
Activate Dire Elimination Mission
Activates the Dire Elimination special mission. Works even if you haven't unlocked the battle objectives yet, or have failed any of the objectives. (Tested and working after failing the never-get-caught objective in TR Mode & Character Episode Mode) It may take a while for the titan to appear.
Force Win Battle
Victory! Activating this script before actually starting the battle might crash the game in certain circumstances.
Battle Overall Score Always SS
Just the total score.

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