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Avadon: The Black Fortress - Table for Cheat Engine {will160628]

I've never shared a table before but I spent so much time hacking this one together I'm hoping someone else will get some use out of it. I originally started the game using the copy protection free version from Humble bundle but switched to the Steam version after a few hours. That's why the humble bundle version is lacking many of the codes the Steam table has. That said, any character codes should carry over to the copy protection free version if you subtract the hex value 4AA8 (decimal 19112) from the Steam version. The different versions seem to all use the same numeric structure but I don't know how many versions are floating around.

A few words of warning on max values. Look at the label in the table and try not to go over it or your game may crash. Several of these values seem to have a hard coded cap that can cause undesirable effects on your game.

I'll try to check back in this thread but I can't say I'll be following it closely considering how old this game is. Sorry about any misspellings in the table. I created most of these tables half asleep and in a fair amount of pain.

Author: will160628

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