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Azure Striker Gunvolt 2: Table for Cheat Engine {sokenbitya}

What i am doing on the code:
-Change the area file name of ex frozen city read into memory.
-Change of ID reading process at the start of boss battle.

Since the ID address itself does not change even after the stage starts,
a) Start the stage with Copen
b) Search for value by 1 (value type: byte)
c) Stage clear or EXIT
d) Start the stage with GV
e) Search for value by 2 (value type: byte)
f) Stage clear or EXIT
Repeat from a) to f)
you should be able to find it.
*As you can see by reading the disassembled code, the address and program code processing destination also change depending on this ID(value).
If you change it easily, it will crash.
e.g.) if you open or close the menu screen after changing the value, it crashes.

Author: sokenbitya

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