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Baldr Sky: Table for Cheat Engine {KS212}

Noob ass basic table for Baldr Sky Steam version. Has Money, HP, Force Crash pointers and a script for Heat Generation.

Note the No Heat Generation option is extremely not recommended as several damage systems in the game are tied to the amount of Heat you have. Its designed so that the higher the Heat, the more damage you output. Having no Heat also breaks Air Combos completely for some reason. I didn't NOP the instruction, just removed the amount of Heat, but the game apparently expects something here... Use if you want but it really isn't recommended as your damage generally is shit poor with it on. If anyone far more pro than me can work around this, please do.

Author: KS212

The source of information - Baldr Sky

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Thanks. Used it through Chapter 1 and 2: It works like a charm...