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Baldr Sky: Table for Cheat Engine {Stylence}

-Realtime in-battle moveset swapping functionality
-Move limit restriction removal
-Infinite dashes/dash cancels
-Various options to remove/bypass heat limitations
-Infinite force crash

-General: !!!Dash/heat/force crash option scripts enabled for player will apply to enemies as well, in some cases making enemy pilots significantly more dangerous.!!!
-Option Specific
-Moveset Swapper: DInput and Keyboard currently unsupported. Keyboard support likely, DInput support unlikely.
-Move Limit Removal: Removing force crash move limit restrictions allows the game to double register a single force crash attack input, spending all of the user's FC gauge on a single force crash, and is therefore not recommended.
-Heat Options: Disable Heat Generation prevents heat gain which severely limits heat charge move utility

Author: Stylence

The source of information - Baldr Sky

DOWNLOAD (9.5 Kb) 2021-Mar-26

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