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Batman: Arkham Asylum - Table for Cheat Engine GOTY +5 Steam v1.1 {VampTY}

There are 5 options and all have hotkeys assigned to them:

num 1 Unlimited Life
num 2 One Hit Kill
num 3 Campaign - Experience Points
num 4 Challenge - Experience Points
num 5 Challenge - Timer Countdown Reset

Details :

num 1 Infinite life, no matter what he won't die
num 2 Easy play now (when upgrading armor, disable num 1, when the new bars filled just num 1 again)
num 3 You'll level up fast, while fighting only, meaning experience x 99 ! 
num 4 In the first round when you'll fight you'll get a lot of points ( experience x 9999), then on the second round just use num 2 option
num 5 Press num 5 (don't fall to the darkness) and press num 5 again


Author: VampTY

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