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Batman: Arkham Origins - Complete Edition - Table for Cheat Engine +7 Steam v1.0 {VampTY}

There are 7 options and 8 hotkeys assigned to them:

F1 Unlimited Life
F2 One Hit Kill
F3/F4 Upgrade Skills 
F5 Multiplier Experience x 1000 
F6 Multiplier Experience x 10000
F7 Stamina (Shock/Thermal) Gloves
F8 Challenge (Timer Reset) Predator

Details :

F1 Infinite life, all characters, dlc
F2 One hit kill, for all characters (avoid using it on boss fights), after disabling it, press F1 twice
F3 It adds 10 upgrade points, so once you've launched the game, add as many points as you want, it works like that!
F4 Removes all upgrade points, your inventory will be 0 
F5 More points, more fun, mostly for campaign use
F6 More points, more fun, mostly for challenge use
F7 It doesn't deplete after use
F8 Press F8 to freeze the time and press it again to reset the time (it's a must)


Author: VampTY

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