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Battle Planet - Judgement Day: Table for Cheat Engine {Loveness}


- Infinite Health
- Infinite Fire Rate (of Player)
- Infinite Damage
- Infinite Projectile Range
- Infinite Fuel
- No Berseker Cooldown 
(Unlimited "E Button" operations)
- Infinite Drone Health
- Enable Drone Gun
- Infinite Drone Fire Rate 
(Affects after restarting the stage (not wave) and when Drone Gun is enabled)
- One Hit Kills
- Maximum Kills
- Maximum Score
- Maximum Chips
- Max Combos
- Unlimited Ammo

- Defuse Bomb Now! (for those waves where you must defuse the bombs. Set it enabled, will make to defuse every bomb for every wave with bombs. Disable it before the wave begins when you wish to play this wave and to defuse yourself the bomb)
- No Enemies Remaining (for those waves where are required to kill a specific number of enemies. Enabling this before the wave starts, will set the counter to 0, i.e. winning this wave instantly. Enabling this after you started the wave, you must kill 1 enemy to win the wave)
- Wave Timer. (Here are 2 options: Stop the Timer and End the Timer. Stop the timer will stop the timer of the waves and end the timer will set the timer to 0. You must enable these options everytime you start the wave, becase they get disabled after setting the option in the game)

Author: Loveness

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