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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 - Table for Cheat Engine {FrechetDerivative}

This table is for campaign mode only, when launching the game without Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) enabled. The table doesn't contain scripts to disable EAC, so you will have to do it yourself. As a corollary, it is not meant for multi-player.


  1. Buff player's ships
    All except hull points, troop sizes, and ship level are only effective & visible during combat. The GUI at strategic map will not be updated except for those 4 values.
    Note that the user may choose what kind of ship to buff: owned by the player or allied ships as well. Only ship available at the beginning of the combat will be modified, and those arriving in the middle of the combat (e.g. event added) will not benefit from buffing. Similarly, an ally's ship modified at the beginning of the battle but turned hostile later on will keep its buffs.
    Except ship level and unlimited use of skills, all other values can be modified on the fly via the pointers exposed by the table. Of course you can always go to the script itself to modify the initial values of each.
    Must be enabled before the loading screen of a fleet battle to take effect.
    1. Offensive capabilities:
      • weapon damage, accuracy, reload time
      • boarding damage, critical, critical damage
    2. Defensive capabilities:
      • current hull points, current & max troop sizes
      • front, side, and back armor
      • current shield value, morale damage taken, and troop losses
    3. Auxiliary systems
      • ship speed, maneuverability
      • combustion gauge decrease rate and refill rate
      • scanning and id range
    4. Skills
      • all skills have unlimited use
      • skill cool down times, and damage multiplier
  2. Change ship types
    All ships belonging to the selected fleet will have their type changed to the player's choice. The choices are all Titans.
    It is advised to save and reload the game after having made the change.
  3. Unlimited move & move again
    The selected fleet will have 25 movement points. Even if the fleet has spent all its movements previously, this re-enables movement.
  4. Owned systems
    All player owned solar systems will have construction capacity set to 255, if there is non-zero such capability in the first place. In addition, all
    points of interest will take one more turn to level up, unless prevented by modifiers capping the level.
  5. Additional pointers
    Self-explanatory with the pointer's description. DO NOT lock values, for those addresses will be filled by other values during the cut-scene
    transitioning to ship battle.
    The pointers under "Chaos Commander Only" group should only be modified when playing the Chaos campaign. Otherwise those pointers are meaningless.

Known issues

  • You must click on your fleet after enabling the script, so that some of the pointers are initialized properly. You game may crash if you enable buffing your ship without initializing the pointers first.

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