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Battletech (2017): Table for Cheat Engine v180503-LIVE-277R {SunBeam}

How to use:

Run the game, target the process in Cheat Engine's Process List (BattleTech.exe)

Activate the [ Enable ] script

Activate the Cheat Handler script

Go back in-game, press Numpad 0 and have a look at the screen


reduced damage (all damage multipliers are set to normal value * 0.1f, so a tenth of the normal damage) from enemies

no pilot injuries

maximum mech weapon accuracy (accuracy modifiers reduced to normal value - 20.0f chance of missing; very rare chances your mech misses the target)

increased damage (damage per shot modifier is set to normal value * 10.0f, so times ten the normal damage)

So, when you hit Numpad 0, for example, you will hear "god mode executed"  You can change the hotkey to your liking now. Also, keep in mind that even if you don't have Cheat Handler enabled, pressing Numpad 0 will trigger that sound; however, nothing will happen -- just a sound.

Added another script in [ Debug ] section called Get SetGodMode Floats. What this does is what I mentioned in the above post. My personal recommendation:

activate [ Enable ]

activate Get SetGodMode Floats; wait for a few seconds so they get populated; change them to your liking

activate Cheat Handler, use God Mode (Numpad 0)


Author: SunBeam

Battletech (2017): Table for Cheat Engine v180503-LIVE-277R {SunBeam}
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