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Beyond Oasis: SEGA GENESIS CLASSICS - Table for Cheat Engine {kenshincheg}

Steam Version Simple Launcher mode

1. Gems
Gems blue
Gems fire
Gems green
Gems shadow
2. Key
Blue key
Red key
Yellow key
Green key
3. Weapon Slots (8 slots) (You can select any weapon from the drop-down list)
4. INF weapon slot (8 slots) (You can make any weapon infinite from the drop-down list)
5. Items slot (16 slots) (You can select any item from the drop-down list)
6. Enemy HP (17 slots) (You can give all enemies 0 HP+Boss)
7. 100 floor Change floor (In order not to miss the stones and things, you need to choose a non-round number 9,19,29,39,49,59,69,79,89,99)
8. All quest items (value 15)
9. Stop time bonus labirint (The second spirit gin)
10. Rank
11. Kills
12. HP
13. Max HP (999)
14. SP
15. Max SP (999)
16. Tests
fly mode
fly mode2
speed test
test jump
slow jmp test
open dor - 2 boss

Author: kenshincheg

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