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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle - Table for Cheat Engine {Geordan9}

This cheat table I made is now partially dynamic/adaptable to updates so the addresses wont screw up too badly. This table includes:

Force Select Character: This allows you to forcibly select the character in the character selection screen.

CPU Difficulty: This allows you to set the difficulty of the CPU. This must be used in some calculation since a higher number doesn't always mean harder.

Offline Battle: This contains the basic stuff such as character ID, palette color, and whether or not the character is controlled by player or CPU.

Player/Battle Stats: This allows you to adjust stats offline and mess with the characters for whatever the reason may be.

Unlockable/Completed Data: This currently contains the data for gallery, item shop, and tactics mode completion.

Online Data: If you can access online, you can adjust basic stuff such as the data displayed on profile.

Unlock All DLC: This script enables all DLC. If by chance this doesn't work, the DLC address is inside it.

Show Every Title: I have included addresses for the Title unlockables but also a script to show them all regardless of being unlocked or not.

Force Double Input Viewer: This allows you to see the opponents inputs online. Just a little cool thing I liked so I added it.

Show All Character Stuff: This is inside the "Unlock All DLC" script and will show most of the unreleased characters UI elements in menus (character selection, gallery, shop, bgm selection, etc.)


Author: Geordan9

The source of information - BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

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