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BloodRayne 2: Table for Cheat Engine +4 GOG v2.0.1.0 {VampTY}

There's 4 options and all have hotkeys assigned to them:

F1 [On/Off] One hit kill
F2 [On/Off] Stamina blood
F3 [On/Off] Stamina health
F4 [On/Off] Stamina powers

Details :

F1 Working very well for all enemies (standard, elites).I've removed the option for the main enemies (will cause crashes, since you're not suppose to kill them like that in some levels) and never use this option in ACCESS TUNNELS and SHROUD TOWER ASCENT, will crash the game.Use it in the rest, working fine for the rest of all the levels.I've finished the game with this table.
F2 For any weapon you'll choose to use, you're used blood won't deplete
F3 Is better to live when you're a cheater.. fire/sun/acid/bombs etc
F4 Use it at your desire, won't decrease no matter what

Author: VampTY

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