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Bloons TD6: Table for Cheat Engine +23 v21 {GreenHouse}


- Infinite Insta Monkeys
Insta Monkeys won't decrease on use.

- Infinite In-Game Cash
In-game money won't decrease on use.

- Infinite Money Money
Monkey Money won't decrease on use.

- Unlock All Towers/Upgrades/Heroes
All towers, upgrade and heroes will be fully available.

- Free Upgrades
Makes all in-game upgrades free.

- Freeze Knowledge + Cheaper Monkey Money Cost
Knowledge won't decrease on use, and the Monkey Money cost will be 1.

- Chest Always Available
The daily reward chest will always be available to open.

- Instant Cooldowns
No ability cooldowns.

- Immunity
Bloons won't decrease your health when leaking.

- Edit Current Daily Reward
Change the current daily reward you're on.

- Custom Match Settings
Change match settings like starting money, health and shield. Change the value to whatever you want, and restart the match.

- Next Round
Change the next round spawned. Round number desired + 2. Meaning that if you want to spawn the round 100, you need to set the value to 98.

- Attack Through Everything
Allows all towers to attack through everything. Walls, buildings, etc.

- Place Towers Anywhere
Allows all towers to be placed everywhere.

- Free Tower Upgrades
All tower upgrades will cost 0.

- Infinite Tier 5 Monkeys
Allows multiple tier 5 monkeys of the same kind.

- Infinite Heroes
Allows multiple heroes on the map.

- Rapid Fire
All towers will fire way faster than normal.

- All Avatars Usable
All account avatars will be available. Choose the one you want, and click 'Ok'.

- Auto Pickup Everything NEW
Auto pickup everything. From farm bananas to care packages from abilities.

- Banana Farm Rain NEW
Make all banana farms rain bananas. Banana party mode On! 

- Get Player NEW
Get and change player stats, like cash, knowledge and experience. I left trophies on the list, but they're server sided, so you can't purchase anything with it, it'll be visual. How to use it? Enable the script, double click the value from ACTION, and set it to Get Player Info, when done it'll update values and show them. Then, edit them to whatever you want and change the value from ACTION to Set Player Info, and done.

- Collection Event Cheat
Makes the wood crate have diamond crate rewards, and reduces the cost to 0. Enable the script from the main menu, then get in and out of the event screen.

Author: GreenHouse

The source of information - Bloons TD6

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