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Blur: Table for Cheat Engine +3 {Prismo}

Here is a little contribution for the arcade racing game Blur as I don't find anything on this game.

I only find 3 pointers and here is how I use them :
1 : Position : This is your position in the race. Edit to 1 and lock. To the end, you'll finsih first (work in "most" of the races but sometimes not and I don't know why).
2 : Armes - Weapons : This one point to the number of bonuses on the car (1 to 3). Generaly I use this like that : collect the desired item, pause the game, lock the number in cheat engine, return to the game and enjoy. After using the item I had to push the switch item button to re-activate the bonus and re-use it (changing the number of items often result in a crash after few utilisations).
3 : Fans : This one point to the fans number. Simply edit to the value you want. The value will adjust in game since win point.

Warning : Unlock every locked values to the end of each race before launching a new one or game will crash.

This not a perfect table but it help me a lot to complete the solo part. I don't try it in multiplayer and I don't create this to be use in multiplayer.
Hope this could help someone.
Works fine for me on Win 10 64bit - Box version of the game.

Sorry for my english, it's not my native language.

Author: Prismo

The source of information - Blur

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