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Booty Calls: Table for Cheat Engine +17 v1.1.61.407 {GreenHouse}


- Energy Won't Decrease
Energy won't decrease when talking or dating. I haven't tested everything, but I don't think there's anything else that decreases it.

- No Girl Fatigue
Girls won't get fatigued when talking.

- Free Skills
All skills will cost 0.

- Free Gift
All gifts will cost 0.

- Free Personality Traits
All personality traits will cost 0.

- Free Power-Ups
All date Power-Ups will cost 0.

- Free Date Extra Moves
The free extra moves at the end of a date will cost 0.

- Free Energy Refill
Energy refilling will cost 0.

- Infinite Free Gacha Uses
The free Gacha ticket timer will always stay at 0.

- Free Multi Gacha
The Multi Gacha ticket will cost 0.

- 100x Multi Gacha
The Multi Gacha will give you 100x tickets instead of 10x.

- Unlock Some Requirements
Unlocks some requirements to get girls or images. This is kinda glitchy. If it makes girls look like they're locked, they're not. RESTART THE GAME TO FIX IT. New accounts might get every single image.

- Girls Are Always Available
Girls will always be available and never out of town.

- Infinite Phone Storage
Get infinite image storage for your phone.

- Get Current Girl
This will show some info about the girl that is in the wardrobe. Like, name, current location, current sex pose, current background, fatigue, and a couple more. This will show current clothing too. BE CAREFUL CHANGING STUFF, YOU'LL COMPLETELY BREAK YOUR SAVE. CHANGING CLOTHES NAMES WILL REPLACE THE OLD ONE, MAKING YOU NOT ABLE TO GET CHANGE IT WITHOUT THE TABLE.

- Get Quests

Author: GreenHouse

The source of information - Booty Calls

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