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Booty Calls: Table for Cheat Engine +33 v1.1.77.781 {GreenHouse}


- Infinite Energy
Energy won't decrease when talking or dating.

- Infinite Adventure Energy
Energy in adventures won't decrease when talking.

- Infinite Date Moves
Date moves won't decrease.

- Adventure No Cooldown
Actions in adventures won't have any cooldown.

- No Girl Fatigue
Girls won't get fatigued when talking.

- No Date Fatigue
You'll be able to date girls all you want, they won't reject you.

- Easy Dates
Just one move will make you complete the date.

- Free Skills
All skills will cost 0.

- Free Gift
All gifts will cost 0.

- Free Personality Traits
All personality traits will cost 0.

- Free Power-Ups
All date Power-Ups will cost 0.

- Free Date Extra Moves
The free extra moves at the end of a date will cost 0.

- Free Energy Refill
Energy refilling will cost 0.

- Free Location Upgrades
Upgrades won't cost anything (Diamonds purchase, not materials.)

- Free Multi Gacha
The Multi Gacha ticket will cost 0.

- 100x Multi Gacha
The Multi Gacha will give you 100x tickets instead of 10x.

- +1000 Slots per Purchase
Any purchase to get more phone slots, will add +1000 slots. One purchase is enough to see all images from the game.

- Free Phone Upgrades

Phone upgrades will be free.

- Unlock All Girls
Unlock all girls. Enable the script, go on a date, and once it's finished, you'll unlock all girls.

- Unlock All Messages + Their Images NEW
Unlock all messages and their respective images. Enable the script, go in the phone tab, and it will automatically unlock everything.

- Unlock Locations
Unlock the requirements of all locations from the beginning.

- Locations Always Open
All locations will always be opened, no matter the time it is.

- Show Facts (Even if locked) [Prevents unlocking while enabled]
Shows all girls facts, even if they are locked. This doesn't make the be unlocked, but visible.

- Free Skip Quests NEW
Skipping quests will be free.

- Auto Complete Event Quests
Make Event and Daily Quests redeemable. You won't need to do anything to complete them.

- All Daily Chests Available + Infinite Use
All daily chests will be available, even if you didn't complete any quest, and you'll be able to redeem them infinitely.

- Facts Require 1 Correct Answer
Getting 1 correct answer will give you a fact for that girl.

- Get Current Girl in Wardrobe
This will show some info about the girl that is in the wardrobe. Like, name, current location, current sex pose, current background, fatigue, and a couple more. This will show current clothing too. BE CAREFUL CHANGING STUFF, YOU'LL COMPLETELY BREAK YOUR SAVE. CHANGING CLOTHES NAMES WILL REPLACE THE OLD ONE, MAKING YOU NOT ABLE TO GET CHANGE IT WITHOUT THE TABLE.

- Get Clothes Name
Shows the name of the current garment selected in the 'Garment Browser'. This script is inside the previous script.

- Get Quests [Thanks to supMarco for the amazing script.]
Show the info of the 10 first quests. Info like: Quest name, Start and End dates, Conditions to complete the quest, rewards, and a couple of options. You can change the reward to whatever item or quantity that you desire, I don't have the name of every item, that's on you. You can change the condition to make it have none too. I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY KIND OF BAN THAT YOU MIGHT GET BECAUSE YOU GAVE YOURSELF MILLIONS OF DIAMONDS.

- Get Location
Shows some info about the last clicked location. You can see the current girls in that location, the bonus reward object, and its interval.
This is basically a way to easily get any item/girl from the game. Make sure you know what you're doing when changing the bonus reward. I'm not responsible for any kind of glitches or save corruption.

Author: GreenHouse

The source of information - Booty Calls

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