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Booty Calls: Table for Cheat Engine +8 v1.1.54.229 {GreenHouse}


- Energy Won't Decrease
Energy won't decrease when talking or dating. I haven't tested everything, but I don't think there's anything else that decreases it.

- Free Skills
All skills will cost 0.

- Free Gift
All gifts will cost 0.

- Free Personality Traits
All personality traits will cost 0.

- Free Power-Ups
All date Power-Ups will cost 0.

- Infinite Free Gacha Uses
The free Gacha ticket timer will always stay at 0.

- Unlock Locations
Makes all locations be directly unlockable. This is kinda glitchy and makes them look like locked, but they're not. RESTART THE GAME TO FIX IT.

- Infinite Date Moves
Get infinite date movements.

Author: GreenHouse

The source of information - Booty Calls

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