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Borderlands 3: Table for Cheat Engine {KorbenMyMan}

I am using the online Epic Store version and the issue I ran into was the ClassID was not showing the correct class value (it had none of the correct hex values and it appeared to increment every second like a timer). So when you get to the point where cheat engine is working and you have both scripts active;
~Make sure to backup your game save files as usual.~
1. Right click the address of the Current Class -> left click "Browse this memory region".
2. Inspect the horizontal memory blocks surrounding the Current Class address. You are looking for the 1-byte pairs that make up the Current ClassID
EXAMPLE: My original class was Gunner -> 2FD7BC00 (ignore the leading zeros) will look like -> 00 CB D7 2F . (mine was in reverse order but that shouldn't matter) I have highlighted my original incorrect address that came with the Character Changer table in blue, as you can see, it was off by one memory block (was 5B295F90 and needed to be 5B295FA0)
3. Once you find the correct memory address containing the actual current Class ID, leave the Memory Viewer open and Right click on the Current Class address once again -> change record -> Address.
4. use the left or right arrows to adjust the address so it reads the same as the Memory Viewer address of the current ClassID. Double check its right and click OK.
5. If done correctly, the Cheat Table's Current Class value should now read the correct Current ClassID value.
6. Change the Value to the desired ClassID and Exit the game to Main Menu.
I understand our versions of the game are different but I think this method may still work for the steam version.
Hope this helps!

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