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Borderlands 3: Table for Cheat Engine {Rydian}

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Coordinates: X/Y/Z for you to edit for warping around. Has number pad arrows/-/+ hotkeys set up.
Move Speed: The movement speed multiplier.
Mission Timer: Works for the burger delivery missions and trials (visually still counts down, ignore that).

Player Stats: Health/shield, ammo, and skill cooldown.
Skill Points: Usable skill points left.
Max Skill Rank: Lets you forcibly put 99 ranks into any skill.

Currency: Cash and Eridium.
Golden Keys: Can edit keys, script has a comment with some SHiFT codes.
Shop Info: Just the timer so you can force refresh shops.
Bank Slots: Can raise your bank slots above the cap. Need to re-do each time you load a char.
Loot Modifier: Lets you edit drop rarity, keep the value below 0x8000. Try using the golden chest!

Weapon Stats: Fire rate, accuracy, damage, and bullets of your held weapon (does not edit the item itself).
Reload: Useful for slowing down to get a good gif of those Jakobs revolver reloads, mmm boy.

Mayhem Mode: Finds a display of the level, not useful yet.
Guardian Tokens: Unspent tokens.
Guardian Stats: Lets you change how many tokens are in a stat, can respec. Save/reload in-game to take effect.

- Info
This isn't intended to be a replacement for the other tables, especially since some of the scripts are a bit jittery since BL2 reuses functions even for things in the same structure. This just a bunch of scripts to expose various stats and things so you all can freely edit the numbers or work off the exposed addresses to make your own scripts.

Author: Rydian

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