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Breeders of the Nephelym Early Access - Table for Cheat Engine v0.723.1 (Steam) {Isaacrules2010}

I am learning, so it cant do as much as I would like, but here are the features.

  • Edit Breeder/Nephelym Current/Maximum Lust
  • Edit Breeder/Nephelym stats (fertility, Strength, Allure, Willpower, Dexterity)
  • Edit Breeder/Nephelym current and Max experience
  • Edit Breeder/Nephylym loyalty
  • Edit Money
  • Edit Breeder Spirit Level
  • Freeze Breeder/Nephelym Lust
  • Freeze Breeder Spirit Level
  • Free fluid purchases
  • Fluid purchases increase money by their cost
  • Breeding instant level

Author: Isaacrules2010

The source of information - Breeders of the Nephelym

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