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Bullet Girls Phantasia: Table for Cheat Engine {Cyber}


  • Battle Status
    Infinite SOD Gauge
    Infinite HP (Attacker & Buddy)
    Infinite Buddy HP
    Set Clothes HP to 1 (make it easier for enemies to strip your clothes)
    Set Clear Time to 0
    Set Player Damage to 0
    Set Kill Point to 900000
    EXP Multiplier (multiply exp gained after mission)
    Gold Multiplier (multiply gold gained after mission)
  • Character Status
    Intensive drilling unlimited time and min point to 999999
    Pointer to character status


  • Switch character in Changing Room to update character status pointers
  • Activate Set Clear Time to 0, Set Player Damage to 0, Set Kill Point to 900000 to get SSS ran
  • v759:
    Added Auto Move AI. Force AI to move when standing fire and reloading.
    Removed JKP script. Not needed anymore.

Author: Cyber

The source of information - Bullet Girls Phantasia

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