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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition - Table for Cheat Engine v1.1.12212.0 PLAZA {VampTY}


[Numpad 1] Ammo charge/inventory/thumper [Reload off]
[Numpad 2] Ammo charge/inventory/thumper [Reload on]
[Numpad 3] Batteries chaingun
[Numpad 4] Health banshee/player/mechaton/train
[Numpad 5] Health banshee/player/mechaton/train [One hit kill]
[Numpad 6] Skill points

IMPORTANT: Numpad 5 [disable Numpad 4 first] only if you want to have some fun, some things are not meant to be destroyed/killed like this, you can even kill your team members, i made sure of that!Enable numpad 6 [disable Numpad 4/5 first] and buy something, then disable it [don't leave it on!] and then you can reactivate whatever cheats you had previously enabled.

Author: VampTY

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