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Burnout Revenge (PCSX2): Table for Cheat Engine {hjk7891}


Infinite Boost
The boost meter will always stay filled. This also applies to the Crash events, allowing you to trigger an explosion almost any time.

Max Boosted Speed
Allows you to specify what is the maximum speed that you can reach by boosting. If you set a number higher than the car's original top speed, in order to reach that speed you have to boost in bursts, i.e. you have to hold the boost button for 2-3 seconds, release it, then hold it again for 2-3 seconds, release it, and repeat. If you just hold the boost button, the car won't reach the speed you've set. If you set a very high value, like 999, it's unlikely that you will be able to reach that speed before hitting anything or reaching a curve, but the bigger the number the faster the acceleration rate while boosting.

No Crash
Your car won't ever crash, this means you can even hit trucks without crashing. However, you should avoid direct frontal hits, especially at high speeds, as you have a risk of passing through the wall and/or falling from the ground.

Disable Stopwatch
Makes the race stopwatch never start counting. This only works for timers that count *up*, like the one in Burning Lap events. This doesn't work for timers that count *down*, like Road Rage or Traffic Attack. I couldn't find it at all.

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