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Call of Juarez Gunslinger: Table for Cheat Engine +9 v1.0.5 Steam {VampTY}


Arcade/ /Story [Ammo] Reload off

Arcade/ /Story [Ammo] Reload on

Arcade/ /Story [Combo/Experience] x999

Arcade/ /Story [Combo/Experience] x999999

Arcade/ /Story [Concentration gauge]

Arcade/ /Story [Dynamite]

/Story [Experience/level/skills points]

Arcade/Duels/Story [Health]

/Duels/ [Score multiplier] x999999

Details :
- ammo with reload off, well you can pew pew all day long, no reload needed
- having reload on enabled, you need to reload weapons after use, you have unlimited ammo
- combo with 999, well just like that, kill one enemy and that's that
- combo with 999999, nothing but greed, or the easy way, don't change the values inside, this is the max
- unlimited concentration, use it as your heart desires
- infinite dynamites at use
- you can use either combo 999999 or this instead, your choice, will instanly max your level and skills and exp after killing only one enemy
- health, you can't die no matter what
- don't modify values inside, these are leaderboards values on duels, will add an insane amount, you won't die if you'll enable the health, just kill the enemy with honor even if you'll have 0 points on screen, will still count if you'll enable this, you'll see

IMPORTANT : on arcade, using combo 999 or 999999, use it untill you'll get to 999999999, meaning if you'll hit 1000000000, the game resets values to 0, i mean sure, look at leaderboards, none of them are beyond 10000000, so yeah, disable when you think you had enough, same goes for duels, the last code, you don't want to be that cheater, know what i mean, you won't get banned, but you'll have the most insane score of them all!
It's all about the score in arcade/duels, time, i froze it, but was in vain, score matters in the end, you can make 1 seconds and 10000 points, won't matter, instead you can make 4 minutes and 900000000 points, better i mean... uh, i must add, the devs we're trying really hard to hide these values, on score on arcade/duels challenges, these are very well crypted, with calls and all that crap, but your girl is stubborn enough to make it happen', because i fucking love this game 

Author: VampTY

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